Combined Massage & Hypnosis

Cozy Cove's Crown Jewel
 Entrancing, Revitalizing and Unique

Experience Combination Massage & Hypnosis at Cozy Cove

At Cozy Cove, you make your day a sparkling gem by scheduling hypnosis before, during, or after massage. We’re one of the only places in Western Washington where you can do so. Plus, even more uniquely, experience massage and hypnosis simultaneously in the hands of our sole practitioner, Carla Meyers, LMP, MA. This rare and wonderful hybrid treat amplifies the enjoyment and impact of both.

This Pacific Northwest gem sparkles near the water’s edge, waiting for you to grab it.

  Our Offerings


Before Massage

Hypnosis or hypnotherapy before your massage helps you pinpoint insights that may be causing tension and discomfort in your body, because it definitely keeps the score. These “ah-ha!” moments can then sink into your mind, body, and spirit as you follow up your hypnosis or self-hypnosis session by melting into massage. Gifting yourself this way, you get time to gently absorb and integrate within you all you’ve uncovered in hypnosis or hypnotherapy before you have to re-enter “the real world”.

Take 10% off of the total price for the 2 back-to-back appointments you schedule.

During Massage

The rarest of the rare: Experiencing massage & hypnosis simultaneously with a sole practitioner. Here at Cozy Cove, that’s just what Carla Meyers, LMP, MA offers! She is one of the only practitioners within hundreds of miles who can offer you this experience. Massage & hypnosis at the same time amplifies the enjoyment and effects of each, for a truly extraordinary treat! 

This experience has 5 flavors:

Be Here Now (must be done first), Relax & Unwind, Restore & Refresh, Empower & Shine, and Your Body Keeps Score.

One Toe Dip is required before your first simultaneous session.

1 hour: $170

1.5 hours: $255

2 hours: $350

After Massage

A deeply relaxing therapeutic massage already brings you partway into trance, making deepening it to the level necessary for hypnotic work particularly simple. So, scheduling your hypnosis, self-hypnosis, or hypnotherapy session right after your massage opens more time for our actual hypnotic work together. It also allows you to go further into the actual state of focused awareness, mindfulness and being here now as we seek with even more speed, neuroplasticity and ease. 

Take 10% off of the total price for the 2 back-to-back appointments you schedule.

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