Important Covid-19 Updates

Cozy Cove pledges to limit the spread of COVID-19 by adding extra features to keep you, your loved ones and our community safe and healthy.

1. Masks required

Every client is required to wear a mask.

2. Double mask worn by provider, for extra protection

Carla Meyers, LMP, MA always wears a double mask, using a hospital-grade N95 mask inside of the standard cloth mask outer layer.

3. Enhanced cleaning & sanitization

Thorough cleaning and sanitizing of common studio and restroom surfaces before and after every client.

4. Social distancing in studio

Only one client is present in the studio at a time. No clients wait in the common areas.

5. Fresh air circulating through the studio

All windows are open for outdoor air and cross-currents.

6. Easy access to personal sanitizers

Hand sanitizer and antibacterial soap are abundantly available.

7. Freshly laundered sheets & blankets for each client

As always, each client’s individual linens include a fresh blanket covering the top half of the massage table to protect face, arms, and hands.

8. Individualized abdominal warmer protection cloths

The abdominal warmer is covered with a fresh cloth for every client.

(Incidentally, we’re often told the abdominal warmer feels like a cat dozing across you. If you love cats, come try it. Otherwise, just forget this metaphor). 🙂

9. Face cradle sanitization

The face cradle is sanitized and covered with a fresh antimicrobial/antiviral barrier for each client.

10. Minor adaptations in massage sessions

Massages no longer include the face.

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