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Search within. Uncover your unique buried treasure. Shine your light.

How Hypnosis & Self-Hypnosis Work

Hypnosis and self-hypnosis help you bring compassionate awareness to the often subconscious feelings, memories, perceptions, and beliefs within you, built up over time, that you tend to ignore.

These treasure troves actually drive your behavior most of the time. They show up in your life as aches and pains, stresses and difficulties, cravings and addictions. Becoming aware of them and integrating the insights they offer you does two things: They start releasing their hold on you and your choices. And you become more of whom you were born to be.

At Cozy Cove, we offer hypnosis, self-hypnosis and hypnotherapy. We also offer self-hypnosis and hypnosis happy hour workshops, and hypnotherapy retreats. Hypnosis and self-hypnosis sessions are prerequisite requirements for scheduling hypnotherapy. They are introductory and generally lighter in feel. As for our hypnotherapy retreats, you’ll cover the prerequisites at the beginning of your retreat.

Hypnosis and self-hypnosis allow you to begin the process of dialogue with your inner vivified self; exploring and playing; reminiscent of childhood. Connecting with the feelings and memories stored in your inner treasure chest over the years allows you to start connecting your dots.

Over time you may start realizing some of your problematic and unconscious behavioral drivers are being held in the parts of your body that are causing you many varieties of discomfort. This is where therapeutic massage comes in to assist you on its own or in combination with hypnosis as a specialty treatment or even as a contiguous or simultaneous appointment! Starting with the Toe Dip session you can explore this combination possibility more thoroughly!

Over time, hypnosis, and especially self-hypnosis, give you the tools to create a continuous cycle of restoration and renewal between your inner and outer selves. With wonder, delight and enchantment in this feedback loop you rest, regenerate, and re-illuminate. You facilitate and promote balance and alignment for yourself and invite the same in others. You create and sustain a healthier you. You gather your forces in order to allow your own highest possible good to shine through in each successive moment remaining to you.

Hypnotherapy becomes available for you to schedule upon completion of these three hypnosis requirements: The Toe Dip, Basic Self-Hypnosis, and The Test Drive.

Hypnotherapy is more advanced, deeper in tone and texture. Hypnosis is akin to a gentle Swedish massage, while hypnotherapy aligns well with the notion of a deep pressure, deep tissue massage focused on a particular problem area. 

Hypnotherapy helps you work through persistent difficulties causing you problems in a way that’s lightening, uplifting and effective. These are things like trauma, anger, frustration, sadness, loss, regret, dimmed confidence or creativity–to name a few.

Once you commit to hypnotherapy, your treasures begin restoring, re-balancing and reallocating, similar to what happens when you reboot your laptop.

Graciously greet these first vivifications, feelings, impressions, thoughts, preconceptions, beliefs, and memories while holding space for yourself with compassion and possibly delight. Your balanced power hints at its ability to resurface. You’re invited to allow becoming happier, freer, more mindful in the process. 

Uncover your inner buried treasure.
Allow and follow your path.
Choose to show up for yourself.


Experience Hypnosis: Embark to Empowerment and Joy

Sense more health, happiness, and hope happening

What you’ll learn:

How to be still. Get quiet. Be open.
How to refocus. Allow grounding. Hold space.
How to uncover and enjoy the treasures that bubble up.

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