Somewhere along the way, decades ago or even a half a century ago, people told you that focusing on you was wrong; that wanting to be more and have more was wrong.

These people were often those closest to you. They told you this out of their own fear and pain. They told you with words or actions that the bright light or candle flame burning inside you was not right. It needed to be altered, tamped down, snuffed out in favor of the accepted way of doing things that “everyone” must follow sooner or later.

Those voices, and you know whose they are inside of you, said you weren’t worthy, right or powerful enough.

They said you needed to choose to accommodate and live in only the reality and life they told you to conform to; the life they said was all you were supposed to have.

By connecting you with your subconscious and helping you identify the experiences and beliefs holding you back, hypnotherapy will show you the way forward, both personally and professionally, to live the life YOU want, your own way.

Through hypnotherapy and/or self-hypnosis, you will re-discover your light, interact with it, fuel it with wonder, hope, joy and delight and then beam it brightly. By realigning your subconscious with your conscious behaviors, you will uplevel your life and shine!

Be You. Proudly. Nurture and listen to your inner knowing. Identify and live more moments of your unique activities of flow and delight. This is the way, quite simply, to more. More of whatever you want to be in your life.

For each of us, our major task is to keep our lights burning brightly. If you find yours has dimmed in any area of your life, and you’re ready to shine brighter, hypnotherapy will help you burnish your light and shine more.

To all you pillars of light–you lighthouses– out there, keep your lights burning brightly. If you want more, there is more. The question is: Are you ready for more?

Yes! I am ready to shine more!