Hypnotherapy at Cozy Cove


Search & Discover.
Unbury & Transform.
Actualize & Shine.

Hypnotherapy helps you access your subconscious, uncovering and alchemizing your inner gems to serve you in getting results with any issue. Hypnotherapy helps you get results by searching within, uncovering your inner treasure, and shining your light. Plus, it’s a unique, empowering experience!

Phase I: Self-Discovery

All hypnotherapy and hypnosis appointments, in studio or remote, consist of me, the hypnotist, and you, the client, interacting together as I guide you in accessing and exploring your subconscious mind; your inner frontier, the 90% of you that’s mostly inaccessible to the conscious mind.

Phase II: Transforming Your Inner Treasure

This buried treasure, the driver of behavior, made up of thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, feelings and memories gets easily and quickly looked at, questioned, kept, reworked and/or reorganized both actively in the studio and in the background of your daily life when you eave. Now this inner self-programming serves you better as you pursue your aims.

Phase III: Shining Your Light

Hypnotherapy and hypnosis work to assist you in achieving your hopes, dreams and goals even when nothing else seems to bring success. Now you let your brightest light shine, benefiting those you interact with and, of course, yourself!

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