Phase I: Starting your self-hypnosis journey

Through self-hypnosis, you access encouragement to increase your understanding of yourself– particularly your feelings, thoughts, beliefs and misperceptions. The process shows you how to spend much less time in emotional pain, doing little more than just coping; feeling stymied in the process of trying to get what you really want.

Through self-hypnosis, the results you want to live out in your life become more real. It becomes much easier to move away from behaviors that have been hurting you. Your life simply becomes too satisfying for these distractions to be of interest to you anymore.

You move into a life that is more satisfying than the one that you have been living; more in line with the life you want to be living; the one you design your way.

Phase II: In the self-hypnosis experience

During your  self-hypnosis session or workshop you start to empty the cup within you of whatever may have unnecessarily caused problems, limitation or lack in your life to this point. You start to refill this cup with that which your subconscious deems helpful and growth and joy producing for you. Then you take your new tools with you to continue this process in your daily practice. You now have the ability to empty and refill your cup daily, whenever you wish or need.

So many of our beliefs were simply accepted as true when we were very young without any kind of evaluation whatsoever. You may have outgrown these beliefs actually and they are now cutting you off from the development you seek.

But outside of hypnosis, it is hard to even find and interact with these beliefs in order to change them. In self-hypnosis you get to encounter them and without resistance let them go. And simultaneously replace them with all of the experience and wisdom you now have as an adult.

You get the opportunity to put your experience and wisdom actionable in your life. Allow them to serve you aligned with the real you; your goals and the life you want to live your way. 

Phase III: Re-Activating your inner light via                              self-hypnosis

After your session or workshop, it’s simply time to let your light shine in your life thanks to the empowerment you give yourself through your regular self-hypnosis practice.

Go ahead. Go big. Choose you. Be you and your definition of success and bring into your lived experience so many more of the good things you want.