'Happy Hour' Hypnosis Workshops at Cozy Cove

 Fun, Restorative Workshops Shared With Friends


The Experience

Looking for a unique break? Or girls’ or guys’ night out? A creative party for adults or kids? A support group experience? Grab a friend–or two, or three–and come on in for our fun workshops!

In each 90-minute (+/- 10), 2-4 person workshop, you’ll get to experience the delight at how hypnosis can be both magically relaxing and energizing at the same time! Tailored to each participant, our workshops bring more health, hope and happiness to each of you during and after our time together.

Through the facilitated experience of deep mindfulness, you each center, focus and become more completely and gratefully present for yourself and those with whom you interact. You begin to become more of the change you want to be in the world. You give yourself the time and space to nourish and flourish. And, you share both the process and the results in the living of your life.

Our Hypnosis Workshop Menu

We offer four flavors of hypnosis workshops. Each workshop builds on the last:

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Level 1, Group Toe Dip

This fun workshop introduces you to and empowers you through hypnosis. It is the prerequisite first session for all hypnosis happy hour participants. It offers you the gifts of focused awareness, wonder-filled mindfulness, and reawakened gratitude.

In this workshop, you’ll experience the relaxation and rejuvenation of hypnosis. You’ll simultaneously learn to help yourself make your next brave right steps toward handling whatever issue(s) or to-do-list item feels like its currently asking for your attention the loudest.

Level 2, Relax & Unwind

This unique workshop offers you the chance to relax and unwind naturally through hypnosis. Start teaching your brain, all on its own, with no crutches to assist like food or alcohol or drugs, to deeply relax, unwind and have fun. Just be you, choose you and show up for yourself in a big, new and extraordinary way.

Level 3, Restore & Refresh

With this workshop, you’ll give yourself a boost toward coming into balance emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally and staying there. Be more aware of how you feel and what you think when you are naturally calm, content and centered so you can more effortlessly notice and readjust to this equilibrium when you get askew. Learn to do this quickly, easily and with delight!

Level 4, Empower & Shine

In this offering, optimize your ability to re-energize and focus in order to do anything you want. Harness the power of your mind and heart to more easily and powerfully be your very best self, living your definition of success your way.

Power up. Sparkle. Shine. 

Get Started

Scheduling & Pricing Information

Price per hypnosis workshop:

2 people: $75/person

3 people: $60/person

4 people: $45/person

All 4 workshops purchased at once:

Purchasing all 4 workshops at once saves each member of your group money and guarantees your weekly or monthly hypnosis happy hour time slot. Sharing the cost, power of hypnosis, and uplifting experience with friends makes this a win-win-win.

2 people: $70/person

3 people: $50/person

4 people: $40/person

Cozy Cove Hours

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New clients may schedule online for 11:00am – 5:30pm.

Established clients who have completed at least 5 sessions at Cozy Cove may schedule for
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