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Just what is the difference between hypnotherapy & hypnosis at Cozy Cove?

Hypnotherapy is an in-depth, systematic series of sessions laser-focused on a persistent problem. When you’re ready to address the roots of a problem that’s been plaguing you for years, hypnotherapy is right for you. It’s designed to promote your health, happiness, and hope as you handle the issue causing you discomfort in the manner you truly desire. 

As a prerequisite to hypnotherapy, all clients must first complete Cozy Cove’s hypnosis prerequisites. These offerings provide both a foretaste and preparation for what is possible with hypnotherapy. Through the hypnosis prerequisites, you’ll experience the power, enchantment, and delight of this focused state of mind, so beneficial in creating positive change with ease.

Just like with massages, these hypnosis sessions can also be scheduled without any desire to move on to hypnotherapy, whenever you feel the need for renewal.

To participate in hypnotherapy at Cozy Cove, all hypnosis prerequisites must first be met. Therefore, hypnotherapy can only be schedued online when you opt for a hypnotherapy retreat, as the hypnosis prerequisites will be covered during your retreat. Otherwise, call or email Carla to schedule your hypnotherapy sessions.

Why Hypnotherapy Works

Hypnotherapy works, even when everything else seems to fail. This is because hypnotherapy offers you the opportunity to more directly interact with the subconscious drivers of your behavior — the things that mostly make you do what you do without your conscious awareness.

Hypnotherapy helps you access and edit your earliest inner stories — the ones subconsciously holding you back. Through hypnotherapy, you can edit limiting beliefs that have been holding you back for years, replacing them with more empowering perspectives and giving yourself the tools you need for a fresh start.

Hypnotherapy also works because it invites you on a sequential, in-depth encounter with many shadow emotions, like fear, anger, sadness and guilt (to name a few). Usually, we only deal with these emotions when they are causing us difficulties. Hypnotherapy helps you find a different position from which to examine these emotions, and the stories you have told yourself about yourself and the world as you have encountered them.

Hypnotherapy works because you confront these shadow behavior drivers in a different way than in conventional therapies. This is the magic, enchantment and ease of the hypnotherapeutic process in a nutshell.

All About Hypnotherapy at Cozy Cove

The Process: A Voyage of Self-Discovery

How hypnotherapy helps you connect with your subconscious, launch a voyage of self-discovery, and solve the problems that have been frustrating you for years.

Hypnotherapy works even when everything else has failed!

Even if you've tried other things to resolve your issue,  hypnotherapy can still work because it works differently--it taps into the power of the subconscious mind where  memories, habits of thought and belief, and emotions are stored. These drive our behavior whether we want them to or not. So, aim to adjust them to serve you.

Hypnotherapy works for nearly every issue.

Hypnotherapy helps you reduce discomfort, increase motivation to stop or start doing something, better handle fear, anger, shame, guilt and other shadow emotions. With these re-framed more of what you want can come into your life!

Hypnotherapy is a state of mind that increases your ability to change.

Hypnotherapy is experience in hypnosis and hypnosis is a state of mind--not a feeling. It’s a different state of focused awareness which includes the ability to more easily integrate positive suggestions for change. 

Being hypnotized is a common experience in everyday life. Channeling its power toward positive change is what's uncommon.

You may not realize this: you've been in the state of hypnosis hundreds of times in your life. Everyday.  These periods of hypnosis happen listening to great music, reading a good book and watching a good movie. They can be your periods of inspiration. A light state of hypnosis is achieved anytime you lose track of time; anytime you are in state of flow, a state so delightful you lose track of time.

Hypnotherapy is only possible when you allow it. You are in control.

I serve you. I guide. I work to understand your needs and goals. Then I use these to give you suggestions for implementing the positive changes you seek. These, I give you while in hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy uses focused awareness--where you are highly receptive to positive suggestion.

It's easier and more powerful than meditation because of this receptivity which we then direct. It is not sleep, nor relaxation. We often have you focus on relaxation in the hypnosis office to help you focus and center yourself. Yet there will be many times when you feel excited or filled with energy.

Hypnotherapy works below the level of conscious thinking.

This means you become aware of things that you have not been aware of before--leading to powerful insight. These insights then may more easily lived out in your daily life. Remember this is not voodoo. It's you-do. Your intention and devotion to yourself and your desired changes in the moments of your life are key.

In hypnotherapy you stay conscious and alert the whole time.

 T need you to be so that we can interact. You are just consciousy aware and alert in a different way than usual. And, I want you to remember all the amazing new understandings and clarity you gain from the hypnosis session.

The Aim: Uncover Your Inner Treasure

How connecting with your subconscious helps you reconnect with who you were meant to be, living your life on your own terns.

The Result: Let Your Light Shine

How hypnotherapy empowers you to live your definition of success, your way.

Hypnotherapy works on everyone! And, it's still not voodoo. Ultimately it is you-do!

Anyone who is willing and able to follow instruction can be hypnotized. You cannot be hypnotized against your will because hypnosis is a consensual state. It works best when you really want to make changes in your life but are having a hard time doing so or a hard time following through.

Hypnotherapy works really fast.

Just as our brain can quickly learn a phobia (which is a learned fear), our brain can also learn a new response to an old situation very quickly. The brain is lightning fast and can change easily because of neuroplasticity. So, not only is it faster than other therapy, it's way more fun!

Hypnotherapy empowers you to be the you that you want to be!

Hypnotherapy helps you tap into your best self--your inherent power. You can even learn to practice self-hypnosis daily to increase focus, concentration, the ability to relax and recharge and make changes seemingly automatically. Hypnotherapy lets you make the changes you desire. It lets you be the you you were born to be.

Bringing health, happiness and hope into your life

Hypnotherapy helps you reconnect with who you were meant to be, before life got in the way. Through hypnotherapy, you'll learn how to access and edit your earliest inner stories--the ones subconsciously holding you back. Our clients have compared the experience of hypnotherapy at Cozy Cove to:

  • Debugging and optimizing your computer.
  • Weeding and replanting your garden.
  • Tending to and keeping your lighthouse, so your light shines brighter than ever before.

Each hypnotherapy session is individually tailored to you. The aim of each session is to bring more health, hope and happiness into your life. By helping you connect with your subconscious and identify the subconscious root of behaviors that have been plaguing you for years, our fun, empowering, joyful workshops help you live the life you were born to live, your way.

Give Yourself the Gift of Change 

Choose yourself.

That's our guiding mantra. The process of hypnotherapy at Cozy Cove is all about choosing you. Choosing to show up for yourself. Choosing health. Aligning your inner with your outer self.

The process, from our hypnosis prerequisites all the way through the completion of Systematic Hypnotherapy & Advanced Self-Hypnosis, invites you to choose and value yourself, every step of the way.

Through hypnosis and hypnotherapy, you'll learn to shower yourself in every moment with the deep awareness that you are worthy of being more free of whatever is holding you back from being who you were born to be.

The Prerequisites

As a prerequisite to hypnotherapy, our hypnosis offerings help you learn to show yourself you are ready to choose yourself in a stronger way. Our prerequisites gift you with lost knowledge of yourself, as well as tools to take with you into hypnotherapy and beyond.

Each level of our prerequisite offerings is about initially encountering and bearing witness to your inner buried treasure. Completion of the hypnosis prerequisites indicates to you (and us!) your willingness to go the distance, your persistent gutsiness, and your readiness to lay claim to "more" in your life, whatever that "more" is to you.

A reset for the mind, body and soul

Once you've completed the hypnosis prerequisites, hypnotherapy sessions are more about digging into your internal buried treasure chest to reconfigure your available choices of action.

Hypnotherapy is about exploring old wounds and replacing misperceptions made about yourself during those experiences. It's a reset of the mind, body, and soul, allowing you to get control over the subconscious roots of problems that have been plaguing you for years, freeing up new courses of action for you to overcome them in the present.

With all hypnotherapy offerings, the results you receive depend in part upon your willingness, your bravery and your perseverance during this process.
Hypnotherapy’s not voodoo, it’s you-do.

Systematic Hypnotherapy

4 sessions of 90 minutes each

During hypnotherapy, we address the subconscious roots of a problem that has been holding you back for years. The systematic hypnotherapeutic experience is about choosing you: aligning your inner self with your outer self, valuing you in thought, feeling, word and deed, and embodying true wellness.

Hypnotherapy empowers you to seize a fresh start, all while showering yourself with the fact that you are wonder-full and worthy of an abundant sense of well-being.

Systematic Hypnotherapy can be experienced in a retreat format over the course of 2 -3 days, or over the course of weeks.

Completion of all 3 hypnosis prerequisites is required before you can schedule.

Each 90 minute session, purchased individually: $255

All 4 sessions, paid upfront: $940
(an $80 total savings)

Systematic Hypnotherapy + Advanced Self-Hypnosis

4 sessions of 120 minutes each

This package builds on our Systematic Hypnotherapy offering by combining it with the power of Advanced Self-Hypnosis. The advanced self-hypnosis sessions in this package strengthen and magnify the Basic Self-Hypnosis tools you already have from the hypnosis prerequisites.

By combining systematic hypnotherapy and advanced self-hypnosis, you will optimize your ability to live your definition of success in your daily life day in and day out; in all its myriad and precious moments.

Systematic Hypnotherapy + Advanced Self-Hypnosis can be experienced in a retreat format over the course of 2- 3 days, or over the course of weeks.

Completion of all 3 hypnosis prerequisites is required before you can schedule.

Each 120 minute session, purchased individually: $340

All 4 sessions, paid upfront: $1200
(a $160 total savings)

Empower yourself by

the treasure within.

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