Hypnosis Offerings at Cozy Cove

Begin Your Path to Hypnotherapy

The purpose of our Hypnosis Package is to give your the tools and experiences to begin reconnecting to your inner guidance; feeling for yourself the fun and delight of this process both during and after! You’ll get to experience hypnosis for yourself, learn to practice self-hypnosis on your own, and discover how to incorporate the insights you uncover through hypnosis into your daily life.

Once you’ve completed our Hypnosis Package, you’ll be able to register for hypnotherapy sessions or retreats, where we’ll unlock and address the roots of a “sticky” issue that’s been holding you back for years.

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Level 1: The Toe Dip

Level 2A: Guided Self-Hypnosis

Level 2B: The Hypnotherapy Test Drive

How to Save Money: Special Offers

Level 1: The Toe Dip

(1 hour)

Your first Toe Dip appointment is a simple, inexpensive introduction to hypnosis. It It’s a chance to experience how delightfully refreshing hypnosis feels during and after your session. You start experiencing the focused awareness and mindfulness of the hypnosis process, and tasting the benefit to your life of utilizing the power of your subconscious mind to bring about positive change.

Note: The initial Toe Dip session is the starting point for all self hypnosis and hypnosis workshops, and back-to-back massage and simultaneous massage and hypnosis sessions as well. Basically, it’s the key to the kingdom.

Scheduling & Pricing Information

Each Toe Dip appointment is $100 for a 60-minute appointment, +/- 10. You may also purchase 4 Toe Dip appointments as a package for $360.

Toe Dip appointments are repeatable as often as you wish, just like with massage! There are 3 additional, non-prerequisite, session offerings; 3 extra flavors if you will. These are Relax & Unwind, Restore & Refresh, Empower & Shine.

They can all be scheduled before or after massage, as stand-alone appointments, or as a remote session on Zoom (once this becomes available).

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Level 2A: Guided Self-Hypnosis

(1.5 hours)

Easier than meditation, self-hypnosis has two powerful bonuses. It empowers your subconscious to identify and address the roots of “sticky” behaviors you’ve felt powerless to change, with minimal conscious effort from you. And, when you leave your session you have a life-long tool with which you can easily and often keep this growth-producing effect going in the background of your life. Self-hypnosis gives you the perfect method of regularly experiencing the heightened focus, mindfulness, creativity and plasticity for positive change to which you were introduced in the Toe Dip.

Metaphorically, it’s as if self-hypnosis lets you install internal antivirus software that roots out and repairs whatever is preventing your optimal functioning. Through self-hypnosis, you reprogram your subconscious, which drives your behavior, to work in the background of your daily life at changing what needs to be rewired, so you can fully advance toward whatever course of action you have defined mean success for you.

Once you get the hang of it, self-hypnosis can become part of your daily self-care regimen. In addition to freeing you to become the person you want to be, it feels like a delightfully recharging state of flow both during and after!

Note: This session, a prerequisite for hypnotherapy, covers an introduction to self-hypnosis. This basic level is included in all hypnotherapy packages and retreats. More advanced self-hypnosis sessions are available upon completion at the same price per session and may be included in hypnotherapy packages and retreats as well.

Scheduling & Pricing Information

Each Guided Self-Hypnosis session is $185 and lasts for 2 hours , +/- 10 minutes. This session also includes a book and systematic protocol for lifelong use as a self-enlivening practice if you choose.

Self-hypnosis sessions can be scheduled before or after massage, as stand-alone appointment or as a remote session on Zoom (once this becomes available).

Self-hypnosis sessions are also available for groups of 2-4 in our fun and relaxing Workshops! Come bring your friends or loved ones, and learn how to experience self-hypnosis’ benefits at Cozy Cove.

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Level 2B: Hypnotherapy Test Drive

(1.5 hour)

In your Test Drive appointment, you’ll be introduced to the stronger techniques & methods hypnosis & hypnotherapy have to offer.

Cozy Cove’s Test Drive Appointments are a client favorite. The sense of wonder, freedom & joy hypnosis offers beckons, as the powerful impacts hypnosis can have in your life become more apparent. Using hypnosis as a vehicle to get you where you want to go on your journey may become a forgone conclusion! 

Note: A Test Drive Appointment is the final prerequisite for scheduling a hypnotherapy package and the final prerequisite included in the retreats as well.

Scheduling & Pricing Information

Each Test Drive Appointment is $185 and lasts for 90 minutes, +/- 10.

A Test Drive Appointment can be scheduled before or after massage, or as a stand-alone appointment.

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How to Save Money

Package deals to help you save money and plan ahead.

Save $40

Package of 4 Toe-Dip Flavors (above)

These fun, joyful sessions help you utilize the power of your subconscious mind to bring about positive change

Total: $360

$40 off the base price of $400

Save $35

Complete Self-Hypnosis Package

Delve deeper. Gift yourself both the guided self-hypnosis Basic session and our Advanced offering.

Total: $335

$35 off the base price of $370

Save $70

Complete Hypnotherapy Prerequisites Package

For those who know they want to try Hypnotherapy, save by booking all Hypnosis prerequisite appointments upfront.

Total: $400

$80 off the base price of $470

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