Massage Workshops at Cozy Cove

Fun workshops to learn and practice the basics of professional therapeutic massage with a partner or a friend.
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Massage Workshops

Each 2-person, 90-minute workshop teaches you professional massage techniques and strokes for soothing pain and offering stress relief.

Hot Stone Massage Workshop

Back & Arms

Learn how to prepare hot stones for massage and incorporate them into professional massage strokes and techniques for relieving pain and tension in the back and arms. At the end of the session, you’ll go home with your own set of hand-cured hot stones.

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Massage for Pain Relief

Soothing Techniques for Sore Backs

For anyone with back pain, going through a rough time, or who just wants to offer stress relief to those around them. This workshop will teach you professional techniques for relieving pain and tension in sore backs, whether your own or a loved one’s. You’ll also learn strokes specifically designed to offer stress relief and soothe anxiety.

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Massage for Athletes

Glutes, Legs & Feet

Particularly apt for runners, or those looking to help a loved one recover and release stress while training for a marathon or other strenuous sporting event.

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Massage for Stress & Anxiety Relief

Neck, Shoulders, Arms & Hands

If you or a loved one suffer from stress, grief, anxiety or depression, or want to learn soothing techniques for relieving the tension that builds from spending all day craning over a computer, this is the workshop for you.

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How it works

Share in the magic of massage at Cozy Cove! Treat your friends and loved ones as the treasures they are by learning the basics of therapeutic massage in these fun workshops. Each 2-person, 90-minute, $150 session teaches you professional massage techniques and strokes for soothing pain and offering stress relief. Buy all 4 at once for $550 and save $75.

Bring a partner, whether a lover or a friend! Both attendees can be active learners, alternating between practicing the strokes and letting their partner practice on them. Or one can just come along for the ride, volunteering to be the lucky “homework” receiving a four-handed massage as Cozy Cove Owner Carla Meyers, LMP, MA models the strokes as the learner follows her lead.

Ready to learn professional massage basics from a licensed professional massage therapist? 

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