Cozy Cove Massage studio offers Massage for Anxiety, Depression, and Grief as a separate category of therapeutic massage.  I do this because so many of us experience these things singly or together many times throughout our life. I want to call attention to the fact that massage promotes symptom relief, healing and well being during these times. And, let you know, Cozy Cove offers a safe space in service of recovery to anyone going through the difficulty of these (and other) life events. 

Massage for Anxiety

Massage helps with the symptoms of anxiety. First, it facilitates grounding and and relaxation which both increase one’s ability to cope with anxiety. Second, the more massage sessions the better the effect. Third, massage promotes relief because it “improves sleep quality and quantity as it reduces muscle pain and tension”, both of which define the downward spiraling of anxiety disorders. Last, massage decreases anxiety levels in a variety of differing situations and conditions. It has been found to “provide benefits in relation to anxiety similar in magnitude to psychotherapy.”

Massage for Depression

Massage also provides this same magnitude of relief  in relation to depression: akin to the magnitude of the effect of psychotherapy. Again, this holds true, as it did with anxiety, across a  variety of differing situations and conditions. According to The Mayo Clinic not only does massage therapy aid anxiety sufferers , it also both lowers cortisol levels and raises serotonin levels in the body by at least 30% thus easing depressive symptoms. Some cite research saying massage not only lowers cortisol levels, it lowers them by 50%. And at the same time massage raises serotonin AND dopamine by roughly the same amount.  WebMD states massage can be quite helpful for depression as well as the previously discussed anxiety.

Massage for Anxiety & Depression…& Grief

Basically, the absolute most proven benefits of massage bar none are the reduction of anxiety and depression.  This is extremely important because at one time or another,  most of us are significantly stressed, as well as anxious and depressed and more of us are feeling acute symptoms of these experiences in recent years. Thus, massage provides comfort and soothing and promotes healing through these conditions of anxiety and depression. It  also helps us cope with the additional weightiness the experience of grief brings; an experience which visits all of us often.

Massage for Grief

Massage therapy assists with handling grief. This grief may involve any of the myriad losses life can throw at us. These include the death or loss of a loved one, friend, pet, job, home, or dream. We also experience grief in relation to aging and ill-health; our own or another’s, This grief can encompass more situations as well. Like divorce, moving or other change.  Anything that’s  left un-dealt-with will likely become emotions stuck in areas within our body. Massage can both keep these experiences and their corresponding emotions from getting stuck in our bodies and experienced as pain and discomfort. It can also help them to release if they are already embedded from griefs long passed. Basically, massage helps your coping with grief. So, nurturing ourselves or another through the gift of massage can help us all handle these affective experiences. 

Massage For Anxiety, Depression & Grief

All in all, I invite you to experience the soothing comfort of Cozy Cove Massage if you are experiencing Anxiety, Depression, &/or Grief. Any of the massages I offer can help if you are coping with these potentially devastating life experiences. I emphasize these three conditions because left unaddressed they can eventually begin to interfere with  work, school, relationships and even our ability to perform basic activities of daily living. I hope our time together will help through massage to point the way to the relief and healing  it delivered me  time and again in my own difficulties.

There is a wonderful and unexpected gift that  can come with seeing how fragile our lives are. Handled head-on, this experience enables us to be more present, to feel grateful for what is right in front us, to cherish what we are able to hold onto right here, right now. In order to reach that level of acceptance we must wade through the tumultuous waters of anxiety, depression and grief.  Seeking massage can facilitate the process. Recognizing these experiences as a part of a larger process, and handling them proactively by seeking massage, can help see us through to a shore where many have emerged before us. Positively changed.

Fundamentally, massage  helps me cope with the changes and losses I have experienced. So, I make this offering here at Cozy Cove in hopes that it will aid you as well. Passing it on.