According to Lifehacker, citing The Wall Street Journal, the best way to reboot your brain may be to take a nap. Because napping benefits abound. Especially, as The Seattle Times points out, when “the days are short and cold. And, the lists of year-end and holiday chores are endless.” These articles completely resonated with me.  Evidently, I completely concurred with their conclusions. Obviously, it sounds like it’s time for a nap!

 Thus, in service of your brain, your body and your overall well being, Cozy Cove Massage Studio now offers Anacortes’ first-ever “Naptime”, as a specialty treatment add-on service. Why? Because  many clients have playfully asked, “Couldn’t I just stay here  a while longer and relax?”. So finally, I decided to acquiesce to this request with a resounding “YES!”  Now, you can stay a little longer and enjoy the benefits of napping when you purchase “naptime’ as a specialty treatment. Really! 🙂

Floating a trial balloon, Cozy Cove began the new service option with an add-on service of  30 minutes connected to any massage for $25. This 30 minute power napping session “limits you to the lighter stages of non-rapid eye movement sleep, making it easier” for you to awake refreshed and ready to carry on  the activities of your day. Upon completion of your massage, I will step out and allow you your rest.  After 25 minutes, brightening  light and the sound of wind chimes will wake you. You will have 5 minutes to regroup and meet me out in the kitchen/waiting area of the studio. Based on demand, the proprietor may decide to expand the options.

Importantly, both Lifehacker and the WSJ explain science tells us that varying naptime durations delivers different benefits.

nap chart

Cozy Cove initiated this offering with the allotment of 30 minutes in order to facilitate the 10-20 minute nap discussed above.  This provides a boost in energy and alertness allowing you to leave the studio additionally refreshed.

I encourage you to come on in and give this new service a try. Add it to your next massage! How about testing the water by using a lunch hour to grab a 30 minute carpe diem neck and back massage complete with hot towels, warmers and hot stones followed by a 30 minute naptime session? Cozy Cove Massage Studio offers this new service out of a desire to stand with science and research proclaiming napping benefits.   “Napping is a smart thing to do. It can help refresh the mind, make you more creative, boost your intelligence, and even help you live a longer, healthier life. It’s … gaining acceptance as part of a healthy lifestyle, even in …. corporate offices.” Cozy Cove’s owner braved the water and jumped onto this new boat.  Your turn.