Hypnotherapy Retreats

Restorative mini-sabbaticals that empower you to live your life, your way.

 Retreat for awhile at Cozy Cove. 

Take a well-earned mini-sabbatical, nestled in a studio evoking a snuggly cabin on a cozy cove.

The Experience

Replenish, restore, and untangle “sticky” issues that have been holding you back for years. Drift away in a soothing setting while listening to the sounds of seagulls and lapping waves. Live the results: your life, your way.

Retreats offer you a chance to deep-dive into self-care with a well-deserved, nourishing and inspiring two- or three-day sabbatical. You get to experience the full array of all our hypnosis and hypnotherapy offerings. And also choose whether to focus on Systematic Hypnotherapy on its own, or combine it with our Advanced Self-Hypnosis offering (see the “Offerings” tab on our Hypnotherapy page). You may even opt for a therapeutic massage or two.

Save Time & Money

Retreats allow you to save money, since the full range of our Hypnosis Prerequisites for hypnotherapy is included in each Retreat. Retreats save you time as well, by allowing you to confront your difficulty head-on over a few days, rather than over a month or two. This allows you to dramatically compress the timeline, and start flourishing and living your life your way without delay.

The Details

Each retreat lasts two or three days. Most commonly, they occur over a weekend, though scheduling these mini-sabbaticals during the week is also quite fine.

A retreat can be scheduled for one or two people. Most sessions alternate, designed this way so you each experience hypnotherapy individually, with maximum privacy and attention.

Once you’ve completed the hypnosis prerequisites portion of the retreat, you will have the option to experience massage before we move onto the hypnotherapy sessions. You may again purchase a therapeutic massage session at the end of your whole retreat, as a capstone treat.

Scheduling Your Retreat

While each mini-sabbatical or retreat lasts two to three days, the actual hours involved depends on the number of people attending, whether you choose to delve into Advanced Self-Hypnosis, and whether you choose to fold massage into your hypnotherapeutic experience.

For this reason, Carla Meyers, LMP, MA, our combined massage therapist + hypnotherapist, will work with you individually to schedule the exact hours for your experience. You simply initiate the process by scheduling a retreat online, or via text, email or call. Once scheduled, you and Carla work out the exact itinerary details together.  

Scheduling & Pricing Information

Hypnotherapy Retreat Pricing: 

Without Advanced Self Hypnosis (1.5 hr hypnotherapy sessions):

          1 person = $1340 (a $150 savings over purchasing our all-inclusive system over time)

          2 people = $1300/per person (an additional savings of $40 per person)

     With Advanced Self Hypnosis (2 hr hypnotherapy sessions):

          1 person = $1750 (a $265 savings over purchasing our all-inclusive system over time)

          2 people= $1700/per person (an additional savings of $50 per person)

You may schedule massage sessions for before, after, or during your hypnotherapy sessions. All hypnotherapy retreat participants receive a 10% discount off the standard massage rates.

Cozy Cove Hours

Open Evenings & Weekends Too, 7 Days a Week, 9:00am - 9:00pm*

New clients may schedule online for 11:00am – 5:30pm.

Established clients who have completed at least 5 sessions at Cozy Cove may schedule for
9:00am – 9:00pm via text/phone call.

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