Our Mission & Vision

The Cozy Cove Touch

Our Mission & Vision

The Cozy Cove Touch

Our Mission

Offering massage and hypnosis in myriad ways at my studio, Cozy Cove, I hope to capture your heart and mind in ways that feel both “wonder”-“full” and true to you.

Service through massage

Serving you through massage, I aim to help you gift yourself and allow the release of your tensions, pains, and worries.

Offering massage, I encourage you to simply and easily benefit from focused time for you and you alone. Let it all just melt away. Treat yourself as the treasure you are.

  Service through hypnosis

Serving you through hypnosis and self-hypnosis I aim to help you reacquaint with your inner knowing. By so doing, I wish you a rekindling of your unique flame: a re-experiencing, renewing and re-knowing of your strength and resilience; wisdom and delight; power and joy; resources and pride; abundance and well-being.

Offering hypnosis and self-hypnosis I help you recharge by gently re-establishing contact with messages in your hard-drive. These messages you can then relish or rewire as you choose. The goal: promotion of your highest good in each successive and precious moment, day, month, and year that composes your life.

Service through combined massage & hypnosis

Offering massage and hypnosis in combination, I wish to maximize my ability to give you all that I seek to offer at Cozy Cove. Bang for the buck. Nourishment for body, mind and spirit.

Our Vision

At Cozy Cove we have one simple message: Your inner light is real and true. It is you.

Be this you.

Share this you with the world.

You are more than you’ve often been told.

Whatever “the good” may be for you, you deserve more of it than you have often received. If you are here, then you want more of it than you have already. Even if you already have plenty.

This desire for more is OK.

This is the desire to wring all there is to wring out of this amazing opportunity given to us by simply being alive.

You bringing more good into existence brings more light into any darkness. You adding more light for you brings more brightness to us all.

Delighted people delight others, and help others attain delight as well.

“More” is yours to claim

No matter your age or stage of life, no matter your situations and circumstances, be more  light, good and delight if you desire; if you dare.

Are you ready to treat yourself as the treasure you are?

This is your one wild and precious life.
Optimize it.
In this moment.