Meet Carla Meyers, LMP, MA

My Story

A definite work in progress, a possible masterpiece in the making 😉

I love being a massage practitioner. I’m grateful for the opportunity to promote and facilitate the well-being of each of my clients. Finding my way to creating Cozy Cove Massage and Hypnosis Studio has been an e-ticket ride, as my Disneyland-loving Dad used to say way way back in the day!

Cozy Cove is rooted in my decision to return to school in 2011. I did so in the hope of ensuring I would not be stuck as a mourning empty-nester for the rest of my days.

When I started the program at Port Townsend School of Massage, my youngest was a junior in high school. And, I needed to get ready for the last of my chicks to launch. I decided to do so by launching a new venture all of my own.

What was it that made me choose to study massage, specifically? As it happens, I have always had a natural affinity for napping. I even offer it now as an add-on service at the studio. And, believe it or not, the idea to refill my life by pursuing a career in massage came to me after laying down for a nap, worried about the impending changes in my life.

After that nap, I awoke with the clear direction to become a massage therapist and go into business for myself. Crazy, I know. True nevertheless.

I graduated with honors in November of 2012 and quickly started working at Massage Envy in Bellingham and the Apothecary Spa at the Majestic Inn in Anacortes. I also opened my own studio within months. By 2014, my studio had grown to the point where I could solely focus on my own practice.

This practice, Cozy Cove, embodies more of me and my life than I realized it would when I first conceived of it. As time’s gone by, I’ve found my past educational endeavors recycling into my offerings and interactions at the studio.

For instance, my college degree (BA; honors; psychology, international relations, philosophy), masters degree and ABD (all but dissertation for a PhD), each in education, and all earned way, way back in the day, prove surprisingly relevant and useful now. When combined with over tens of thousands of professional massages to date, they enable me to serve clients with intelligence, knowledge, and reason.

Also, decades of experience as a mother, teacher, homeschooling mom, substitute teacher and tutor enable me to serve you with intuition, caring and warmth. Basically, all that I am impacts your experience of massage here at Cozy Cove.

I am proud of becoming self-employed after 50 and of creating Cozy Cove. I love continually focusing on Cozy Cove’s health and growth.

I am also proud to consider myself a life-long learner. And I’m realizing, as my life has been moving forward (way too fast I might add!), I have also been circling back to pick up past interests and tie them into Cozy Cove, like a weaver picking up strings and re-incorporating them into her tapestry.

In college, I had a strong interest in the sciences. I took all the prerequisites for medical school even though I finally decided that route was definitely not for me. But that old interest in anatomy, physiology, and pathology definitely re-kindled at massage school.

In 2018, I finally let myself pursue a lifelong interest in hypnosis. And when I say lifelong I mean it. In 7th grade I attended my first hypnosis workshop. And as I said, one aspect of my major was psychology, which definitely has overlap with hypnosis.

In my first iteration of Cozy Cove’s website, way back in 2013 (we’re now on version 4), I dreamed of one day incorporating hypnosis and maybe even hypnotherapy into my practice. The occasional client would even encourage me to get that going. When I finally decided to become certified and registered with the state, my brother said that he thought I had done so years ago! So in celebration of my 58th birthday and in the spirit of wanting to wear out, not rust out, I added hypnosis and even hypnotherapy to my practice.

And here is where I find myself picking up another strand of interest from my past: teaching. In addition to my new and multitudinous massage, hypnosis, self-hypnosis and combination offerings, I now offer many massage, hypnosis, and self-hypnosis workshops as well.

I also offer a systematic hypnotherapy package. This package comes in both multi-week and condensed retreat formats and offers powerful results to those individuals stymied in their efforts to handle a knotty difficulty, and committed to doing the work to finally learn and live their own answers. 

My aim, with this plethora of options, is to entice you to take your next brave step in healthfully choosing you, by coming on in to Cozy Cove as soon as you can!

So there you are.

I definitely have many more offerings for you now at Cozy Cove in downtown Anacortes. Being able to provide you with massage and hypnosis both, alone or in combination, hypnotherapy, workshops and intensives as well makes me excited, proud, and joyful. May thoughts of them leave YOU feeling darn good as well!

Thank you for being a part of Cozy Cove,