“Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.”

—Herman Hesse

Come As You Are.

No pretense. No need. No pressure. Let all that go.

No need to be, look, dress, act, or talk a certain way. No need to worry about who you may run into or compare yourself to anyone.

You are welcome as you are. No need to talk. Or talk if you need. Share or not. Unload or not. Cry or not. Drift away or not. Rest or not.

Please accept the invitation to be you. Act in your best interest. For your highest good. Unwind. Relax. Restore. Renew.

Come As You Are.

My job, in a nutshell: facilitate your ability to do this in my studio and in your life.

Everything here at Cozy Cove aspires to advance this aim.

Come As You Are.

Providing you with a massage that meets your individual needs for relaxation, pain management, injury treatment or a combination thereof moves my actions. Welcoming you into a warm, nurturing, relaxing, space breathes life into my studio. Deliberately supporting your well-being focuses my practice. My intention, to have your highest good steadfastly guide our time together, inhabits my practice. In so doing, we together, are promoting the healing of all that surrounds us.

Come As You Are.

Soothing is always in session at Cozy Cove Massage Studio.